​-  We will provide motivated personnel to each client. This is achieved by empowering  our employees with pre-screening job skill requirements and longevity. 
-  We provide all workman compensation insurance and payroll for our employees. 
-  We will gladly sit down with any perspective client to explain policies of operation and to ensure we have a complete understanding of your companies needs. 
-  We are  a 24 hour a day 7 day a week operation and you deal directly with the company owner.  
-  Our intention is to become your outsourced human resources department freeing up your time to complete your work without having to find the workers. 

We at Spectacular Onsite Staffing understand you have many choices in the service industry and through our dedication to your companies time and consideration, we will prove to you why we are not just "another" service company.Come partner with Spectacular Onsite Staffing and see what a true  standard of  service is!

All of our services come with a free job description analysis, 24 hour customer service, and flexible schedules to support your service/job requirement needs.


                        SPECTACULAR ONSITE STAFFING, INC.

                                  a name you can trust!

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Light Industrial
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Food Service Industry

Spectacular Onisite Staffing is a diversified service solution built on the belief that there is a way to completely satisfy the needs of the client while employing tried and proven service techniques to accomplish this goal. What's in a name?  Spectacular Onsite Staffing is the manifestation of the owners belief on how a business should be run.  The emphasis is on the client. Honesty and constantly evolving service speed and accuracy for the flawless formula for each individually valued client is a perpetual ideal.  Without the restrictions of larger corporations Spectacular Onsite Staffing has the ability to really listen to your needs and perform up to your service standards because "good enough" just never really is.